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ПАТРИАРХ КИРИЛЛ = ОЛИГАРХ ГУНДЯЕВ. Властные группировки России. Часть 5

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Информация о видео ПАТРИАРХ КИРИЛЛ = ОЛИГАРХ ГУНДЯЕВ. Властные группировки России. Часть 5

Название :  ПАТРИАРХ КИРИЛЛ = ОЛИГАРХ ГУНДЯЕВ. Властные группировки России. Часть 5
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Кадры из видео ПАТРИАРХ КИРИЛЛ = ОЛИГАРХ ГУНДЯЕВ. Властные группировки России. Часть 5

Описание к видео ПАТРИАРХ КИРИЛЛ = ОЛИГАРХ ГУНДЯЕВ. Властные группировки России. Часть 5

Film "CHURCH BUCKLES" - video-45270133_456243020

Patriarch Kirill, in the world Vladimir Gundyaev, today is considered one of the richest people in our country.

In this issue, we're going to dig deeper. Make yourself comfortable, it will be the most powerful analysis on YouTube, and the criticism will be answered by the Honorary Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyaev himself.

Let's start with the dashing nineties.

This is an old, moss-covered story of benefits for the ROC.

There was such a Department of external Church relations, which was headed by Metropolitan Kirill (then not the Patriarch). This Department received the rights to duty-free import of cigarettes and "Church wine".
The commercial side of things, and in fact the trade hole in the border organized trading-financial group "Nika" in the Department of communication, which was controlled jointly with the Solntsevo OPG. Themselves benefits through connection of Cyril in the KGB, which was in abundance.
In particular, Kirill's adviser in those years was major General Lebedev, former Deputy Chairman of the KGB of the Soviet Union. 97 year in the Russian press got funny documents, as the Department for external Church relations, Kirill demanded from Sheremetyevo-2 to provide Lebedev access to the VIP lounge as a "Professor of theology". In fact, Professor theologian all his life served in the 5th Directorate of the KGB to combat dissidents: first in the 4th "religious" Department, then in the 8th "Jewish" (countering subversive Zionist organizations).
The personnel officer of the 4th Department 5 of the KGB was Kirill himself under the pseudonym "agent Mikhailov".

And it is not some secret or conspiracy.

In 92, the parliamentary Commission to investigate the causes and circumstances of the GKCHP published archival materials of the KGB on cooperation with the hierarchs of the ROC.

Here are quotes from the report 4 the Department 5 of the KGB:

1972, February

Agents Svyatoslav and Mikhailov went to New Zealand and Australia to attend meetings of the Central Committee of the world Council of Churches.

1973, January

In Thailand and India to participate in the WCC were removed agents of the KGB “Master” and “Mikhailov”.

1983, February

Agents Mikhailov and Konstantin were sent to Switzerland to participate in the preparations for the WCC Assembly.

In fact, for the special services Gundyaev and made his spectacular career. At the age of 25, he became a representative of the Moscow Patriarchate at the world Council of churches in Geneva and regularly travels abroad. But at that time the clergy, who did not cooperate with the KGB, simply were not released abroad.

At 28, he was rector of the Leningrad theological Academy and Seminary.

In 30 Archbishop of Vyborg.

There is another reason for such a rapid rise, but this can not be told on YouTube, look for the film “Church clips” at the end of the release.

Anyway, in the 90s all these characters: agents, curators, theologians and other products of life of the KGB rushed to earn money.
Many years later, in March 2018, these old cases Kirill remembered Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Valery Simeonov:


Money from all these operations scrolled through the infamous Bank “Peresvet”.

When Kirill was elected to the Board of Directors, he said that the main purpose of the Bank's activities should be "to assist the Russian Orthodox Church in its commercial, charitable and social activities."

So he helped. That's it, and opened his accounts of the company, who received customs privileges.

In 1994, at the request of Metropolitan Kirill, Peresvet issued a $ 150 million loan for the development of the Lomonosov diamond Deposit in the Arkhangelsk region. The Department of external Church relations, which was headed by Kirill, owned 10% of the shares of Severalmaz company, which was engaged in the development of the Deposit.

After a series of scandals with the Church and the duty on imported tobacco Cyril decided not to Shine your business structure. He continued to be a member of the Board of Directors of Peresvet, but the Church's share in the Bank was blurred.

Well, when the Bank burst, the adviser to the head there put the General of FSB Oleg Feoktistov, the chief of security service of Rosneft who is included in Igor Sechin's group. The Bank then moved to the structure of Rosneft. In General, the hole in the Bank was patched up quietly, because it was placed the money of state-owned companies, and in General there were no random people.

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